Welcome to ABettingTips.com

It is about time to let you know what this website is about. It started when I had an idea about crawling Internet and picking betting tips depending on various parameters. "A" in its name stands for automatic, that means that I tried to make this site as independent from any manual edits/posting as possible. Betting Tips are added automatically every hour and results are also checked once an hour. (However source for results is sometimes few days late) I also added live sports streams in April 2015. Livescore and bookmaker reviews will be added soon.

So what does abettingtips.com do?

Like I mentioned above, it picks betting tips that it believes will win. Currently, 3481270 betting picks have been checked and only 11865 have passed criteria of which 1725 were marked as HOT.

Does it work?

I would like to get above 10% yield mark, but as you can see from statistics page, it is not that easy. May be hot tips stats if it holds up.
At the moment all 11865 tips made total profit of -84.4 units. If you bet 1 unit for 10€, you get -844€. If you bet only on hot tips, you would have 4858€ in 1725 bets.


There are few problems with automatic bets. Since I do not manually check tips before publishing them, abettingtips.com sometimes bets on home and away wins simultaneously.
Houston Rockets - Denver Nuggets Under 215.5 tip and Over 215.5 tip
Miami Heat - San Antonio Spurs Under 198.00 tip and Over 200.5 tip
Basically I can do nothing about it. I suggest you ignore those bets, but I do count them into statistics. If you see multiple bets on same event with same pick, it usually means that more users are betting same result and it is more likely to win.


It is free at the moment. I will probably make hot tips available only for paid members. So enjoy while its free.